Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center | What to Expect
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What to Expect

Who will be at Voices Carry?

A staff member of Voices Carry will greet you at the door and bring you into our family room. The team will then come and meet with the caregiver to learn more about your child. The person talking with the child is trained to conduct interviews in a child friendly, neutral way. The team may include law enforcement officers, human service caseworkers, and district attorney’s investigators. Due to limited space at Voices Carry and in order to ensure your privacy, please make your caseworker or law enforcement officer aware of anyone coming with you to Voices Carry.

What is available for us at Voices Carry?

Voices Carry will provide you and your child with refreshments and snacks. The Voices Carry staff will also provide your child with books, toys and other activities in order to reduce anxiety and increase your and your child’s comfort while you are visiting.

What will happen at Voices Carry?

When you arrive at Voices Carry, a staff member will welcome you into the waiting area and ask you to complete an intake in order to learn more about you and your family. The team will then introduce themselves to you and your child and meet with you to learn more about your child. After this brief meeting, the interviewer will introduce themselves to your child and then prepare the interview room. Your child and the interviewer will go upstairs to talk. After the interview, the child will return to the waiting room and pick up where they left off playing. Following the interview, the team will meet with you and discuss next steps.

How long will we be at Voices Carry?

You will be at Voices Carry long enough for us to gather necessary information and answer all of your questions. The average length of a visit to Voices carry is two and a half hours.

What happens after we visit Voices Carry?

Following the interview, you will meet briefly with either law enforcement or your case worker to discuss next steps. You will receive a resource folder from Voices Carry for support services within the community.