Voices Carry Child Advocacy Center | Seeds of Change
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Seeds of Change

1 in 10 Larimer County kids will be sexually abused by age 18.

Unless we decide to make it 0 in 10.

Click here to enroll in Seeds of Change and be the difference for a child.

Child sexual abuse is preventable.
Join Seeds of Change and be the difference for a child. Help us reach our goal to enroll 200 changemakers giving $20/month. Together, we can raise $48,000 per year to protect children from sexual abuse through prevention programs.

How You Can Be The Difference

$20 (1 month) teaches one child how to recognize, report, and refuse sexual abuse.

$120 (6 months) supplies materials to 10 adults for a child sexual abuse prevention program.

$240 (12 months) trains a facilitator to empower adults to prevent child sexual abuse.

Together, changemakers can help protect 2,400 children from sexual abuse. Your support makes the difference.