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School-Based Programming

School-Based Prevention: Safety Smarts

Since 2007, we have been teaching students throughout Northern Colorado to recognize, refuse, and report unsafe touches and behavior. We educate K-3 students in the Poudre School District, which spans the towns of Fort Collins, Wellington, and Timnath. Our four educators use an evidence-informed curriculum to teach students about general safety rules, child abuse prevention, and sexual abuse prevention. We teach classes in both English and Spanish.

The curriculum used for Safety Smarts was developed by the Committee for Children. Today, over nearly 4,000 students participate in the program. Safety Smarts facilitators meet with individual classrooms once a week for five weeks. Students are taught about general safety rules, such as fire, bike helmets, and seat belt safety during the first weeks of the class. Lesson topics include general safety rules, ways to stay safe, always ask first, touching safety, never keep secrets, and a review.

Conversations then turn to what are safe/unsafe touches and what to do if a child gets an unsafe touch. Students also learn steps to take if someone touches their private body parts, including saying “No,” getting away, and telling an adult. All of the lessons are interactive and include role plays, question and answer, and listening to books and singing songs.

Testimonies about the school-based prevention program:

Thanks so much for a great year. You are so professional and so supportive, and we very much appreciate your dedication.

We absolutely love all that you do for our kids and would love to continue with you all.

“I have really enjoyed getting to know the curriculum and presenters!  I use the curriculum in younger grades and school-wide for bully prevention so the 3 R’s (recognize, refuse, report) so the kids already have a connection.”

If you are involved with a PSD school and are interested in getting more information about Safety Smarts for your school, please email Elena Joyce at elena@voicescarrycac.org.