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Get Involved

There are many ways and many reasons to help Voices Carry. What our volunteers and donors have in common is a deep concern for children. Each one has made a personal choice about how they can do the most good. No matter how you choose to contribute, your involvement will be appreciated and will reap many rewards. Thank you for your support of Voices Carry!

Donate Now

For the past 20 years, Voices Carry has been working to keep kids safe throughout Larimer and Jackson Counties. As Northern Colorado continues to grow, so does the need for both preventing and responding to child abuse. Your support can help us meet this growing need.

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Have you, a family member, foster child, or friend benefited from the services offered by Voices Carry? Your story could be part of our Survivor’s Stories campaign to raise awareness of child abuse in our local community.

Volunteers are essential to our continued existence. Voices Carry is always in need of volunteers to assist with special events, facility upkeep, and ongoing operations.

Upcoming Events

    Other Ways to Give

    Support Voices Carry by attending an event, making an in-kind donation, or contributing to our wish list. Click here for details about these various opportunities.